Forgreen - A (AMINO ACID)

FORGREEN-A is an excellent quality amino acid plant utrient produced from selected fishmeal through fermentation using unique microbes. It contains 75% of all types natural amino acid and sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the three essential fertilizer elements and also amount of calcium, magnesium, sulfur and chelating trace elements. With FORGREEN-A the plant is provided with a complete range of the necessary nutrients for its cell growth and development of larger fruit.

Forgreen Be Young - NK (Nucleic Acid, kelp)

It is a combination of natural nucleic acid extracted from yeast and highly concentrated sea-weeds extract. It is rich in DNA, RNA, more than 20 types of amino acids, 50-60 types vitamins, diseases resistant materials, natural chelated materials and natural plant growth promoter such as Gibberellines, auxins and cytokinins. It is very effective even under the weak sunlight or cloudy day.

Forgreen - S (Flowering And Fruiting)

FORGREEN-S is a natural highly efficient plant stimulator specially developed for promoting plant metabolism. It contains abundant nutrients and energy essential for plant growth. FORGREEN-S helps plants to absorb necessary nutrition, promotes the growth of plant cells and induces the multiplication and growth of flower cells. It is especially ideal in preventing wilting of flowers or shedding of fruit due to unfavorable weather. It can be used as foliar spray or irrigation during the growing stage to enhance biological conversion and to improve metabolic function or by irrigation during seedling stage, to promote root formation and plant growth, with magnificent results.


Chitosan-AA is a natural biopolymer from crab or shrimp shell, which is process through fermentation. The pure chitosan consists of tiny and uniform molecules, which assists the absorption of the plant and it is harmless to the plant.

Forgreen-BS (ISP)

FORGREEN-BS is a microbial-fertilizer for plants. It helps to keep the soil ecological balance, improve the soil physical condition, enhance the decomposition ability of organic matter and emphasize the effective use of phosphorous in the soil. The powder FORGREEN-BS can be sprayed directly on crops or mixed with other fertilizers while the liquid FORGREEN-BS needs to be diluted at certain rate for watering.

Forgreen - Ca (CALCIUM)

FORGREEN-Ca is a water soluble organic calcium, made from bio-conversion by Streptococcus thermophilus. Is is an excellent fertilizer, rich in calcium and easily to be absorbed by plants, which helps enhance the growth of plants and increases the resistance of plants to diseases. Moveover, FORGREEN-Ca contains large amounts of microorganism secretions, which help improve the quality of vegetables and fruits.

Forgreen - B (Boron)

Boron is one of the essential minor nutrients for plant growth. However the lack of boron has now become a big problem for farms due to overuse of inorganic chemical fertilizers or poor management of the soil, in which the soil acidifies and the boron becomes soluble and easily leached by rain or through irrigation. High temperature or strong sunlight also results in the lack of boron in plants. FORGREEN-B is an organic boron, with its unique features of being water soluble and readily to be absorbed through foliar spray and root irrigation. Combining boron with nucleic acids, protein and auxin, FORGRREN-B highly enhances transformation of plant saccharide, providing essential nutrients for the budding of pollen, the growth of pollen tube, the formation of seeds and cell walls.