About Us

Hup Nong Agriculture Sdn. Bhd. was established since 1995. It is a trading company located in Melaka and the business cover all over Malaysia, from the northern Peninsular Malaysia of Thai border till Singapore and strengthens to the whole of Borneo island.

Hup Nong Agriculture imports a wide range of agriculture products from various countries, such as USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Netherlands, and India etc. It is major in marketing with all range of F1 hybrid fruits and vegetables seeds such as tomatoes, sweet corn, sweet and hot pepper, watermelon, melon, cucumber, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, eggplant, leafy vegetables and etc.

Organic foliar fertilizer has been one of our premium imported products, for example, seaweed, nucleir acid, amino acid, chitosan, boron, calcium, micronutrient, soil microbial-fertilizer etc. Due to the superb effectiveness to the farmers and have been the prefered choice of farmers.

Besides, Hup Nong Agriculture also promotes some agricultural materials, such as agricultural mulching sheet, nursery tray and peatmosses which are import from Europe. These products have been providing a lot of conveniences and effectiveness to the farmers and subsequently reducing the cost of farming tremendously.

In order to provide better service for our clients, we have many well-trained specialists who are always ready to provide on-the-field advice to assist farmers in solving some technical issues about farming.

The main philosophy of Hup Nong Agriculture is to assist farmers to gain more revenue, thus improve their living standard, and at the same time, contributing some rffort for the development of our country's agriculture sector.

Moreover, we hope that the organic fertilizer that we import can help creating substantive agriculture and preserve a green earth.

Last but not least, Hup Nong Agriculture is always providing the best of products and services to be with you to venture into the future.